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After our sell out production of Heart of Darkness earlier this year, Give It A Name are straight back at you with a new piece of work. Expect trademark G.I.A.N.T style immersion, invention and interaction. This time we will be in Rockin’ Chair Bar and Grill, in Riverside, Cardiff. Come early for excellent Caribbean food and a seat by the pool (table). Relax and be transported back to the real 1980’s. Life for a young mixed race guy growing up in Splott was not a lot like Dallas: it was more like the OK Corral. And the music was way better. In fact Roddy would tell you that the music saved his life…

Cast: Shekira Johnson, Brent Morgan, John Norton, Dean Rehman, Joe Shire, Olly Wood.
Rude Band: Jenny Bradley, Fran Dimech, Chay Lockyer, Eric Martin Jr, Gregg Price.
Written by Original Rude Boy Tony Wright.
Print Design Matt Wright.
Director James Williams.

“Engaging, nostalgic and fun, an unrefined polish added to my enjoyment, and a rich vein of humour kept me grinning throughout. With a touch of improvisation, the actors took the performance to the audience, building the set around them as the plot recalled memories of music, unemployment, love and violence”.

Buzz Magazine