My Life In CIA

Locus Solus — International Travel Counsel invites you to take a walking tour of Paris. Highly trained guides; limited places; dates by appointment throughout May and June 1973. Come prepared for rain, high society and possible espionage. Dress accordingly. Sunglasses will be provided.

Following last year’s sell out performances of Heart of Darkness and Rude, Give It A Name return with this immersive Parisian spy thriller, based on Harry Mathews’ autobiographical novel. Mathews was the only American member of the infamous OuLiPo, and a lot of people in Paris believed he was CIA. In 1973 he decided to play them at their own game. Truth was the first casualty. Some say he was terminated with extreme prejudice.


Photography: Jorge Lizalde
“It was always difficult to know what was real and what wasn’t. Everywhere we looked we wondered if someone was a plant. The direct interaction with the characters was in equal part thrilling and completely unnerving. I don’t think this is a show for the faint hearted” Buzz Magazine ★★★★
“This is fun. The points at which this collides with the theatre of real life are terrific & the use of public space is clever.” The Guardian ★★★



Cast: Haruka Kuroda, Hannah McPake, John Norton, Katy Owen, Dean Rehman, Joanna Simpkins, Jo Wilde and Oliver Wood.
Design Tim Dickel
Wardrobe Sian Jenkins
Director  James Williams
Print and Video Design Matt Wright
Original Soundtrack Somatik