A non exhaustive list of collaborations and smaller projects.


ELITE INTRODUCTIONS: International Lifestyle Concierge

A collaboration with Cityleaks Urban Art Festival In Cologne.

Elite Einführungen ist ein internationaler Lifestyle-Portier.

A theatricalised almost conversation between people in and around a problematised public space. A piece about that place, Ebertplatz, Cologne, sharing cities, time and space, proximity and distance, dangerisation, hope, migration and the differences in what it means to be “not from here” when you are poor or super rich.  Binaural hyper located interviews. Extravagant verbatim in English, French and German. With special thanks to Mona Kakanj, the interviewees and Zygmunt Bauman. A Give It A Name Production.


Had a great time helping Verity Standen with her extraordinary piece REFRAIN: 3 located choral performances in Heritage sites across England commemorating the conscientious objectors of WW1. Dramaturgy and audience journey. Produced by Situations.



BBC Radio 4 commisioned an audio drama based on some of the absurd political inventions of Bordergame. The frightening thing is that so many of them are starting to come true. The radio play was written by Sarah Woods, produced by James Robinson and included Ali Goolyad in his radio debut.


Here Before You

A grumpy interactive talking tree magically appeared late at night at Green Man Festival, and told the two leggers to bugger off so that the ducks would come back to his lovely quiet field. Live action, live projection, hidden cameras and microphones, early 20th Century Edison Gramophone flower.  A Give It A Name Production.

A Fall Into Grace

A collaboration with the marvellous Jackie Chettur in Aberdare. Located love stories writtten and performed mostly by older people in their own neighbourhood. Produced by Sarah Pace for Addo Creative.



Slow Like

A page of a book for Paper Stages by Forest Fringe . An invitation to perform a fragment of Jean Binta Breeze and start a long long relationship with something and someone you like. NTW/Forest Fringe.

Not A Thing Out of Place

A radio re version of the short absurdist play by Tawfik Al Hakim, made with volunteer performers from Egypt, Eritraea, Iran, Serbia, Sudan and Wales and Zimbabwe.

Produced by NTW Team, with Radio Cardiff and WMC. Recording and mastering by Keir Stewart for Inch Studios.

Here is the “making of” Documenatry by Niyaz Saghari