Give It A Name?

Give It A Name was formed in 2007 in Cardiff. We are an evolving group of collaborators. Our backgrounds are in theatre, animation, music, and games design. Each project is like a new album. We make our work for audiences. In nightclubs, on street corners, in back alleys, in headphones, on the internet, or in theatres. We make work that is engaged, located, immersive and playful. Influences are varied, and each production begins with a seed: a recording, a book, a story, a person, a provocation, an image, a play. The form emerges from the material, what’s discovered is dictated by the journey. So far, we have worked with National Theatre Wales, The Space, Chapter, Forest Fringe & Motiroti. We have a residency at Pervasive Media Studio, and won the inaugural Space Prize for Digital Innovation for Bordergame (NTW).
(l-r Matt Wright, John Norton)


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